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Clients who are the happiest understand the importance of regular brand updates and website maintenance to evolve and succeed.

Why Is Maintenance Important?

Protect Your Brand Image

Today technology changes very quickly and the consumer is fickle and quickly bored. If your brand is not routinely being updated and refreshed, it becomes a poor reflection of your business image. An outdated brand and website gives the visual impression that the product or service you provide is outdated as well.

The Negative Narrative: 
When a business claims to have multiple years of experience but has an outdated website or brand, the longevity claim becomes a liability rather than a benefit … > Your Narrative Reads: “We are old and not in tune with the current marketplace, therefore our service and/or product is old and outdated as well”.

The Winning Narrative:
Regular updates and maintenance keeps your brand fresh and the consumer engaged. Your brand message reads, “With years of expertise, we are immersed in current market trends, services, product development and technology”.

First Impressions Matter

We have all heard the horror stories of dating and first impressions and how difficult it is to get the chance at a new first impression right? … Ugh!

Well, your brand and website is the foundation of your business’s first impression. Every time someone new sees your brand or visits your website, they are dating you. If your website and brand are out of date and not functioning properly visually or technically, you lose significant potential revenue with little chance of that customer visiting your website or seeking your brand again.

Engage, Evolve, Succeed

Website and brand maintenance forces you to stay engaged in all aspects of your business. Too often, business owners update and maintain their business website only if they get a call from someone telling them, “Your website is down”, or “Your links aren’t working”. Yikes!

As your company grows, your brand, website, and story should evolve as well. Over time you may need to add additional web pages, services and products in order to expand your market share in your business industry or marketplace. Regular maintenance and updates is an important part of your brand’s evolution and long term success.


Security and Credibility

You spend endless hours operating your business and promoting your brand to establish credibility and increase business revenue. If your website is broken and not secure, how can you be credible? … and if you are credible, why is your website broken? Security and credibility go hand-in-hand.

A maintenance service plan provides your website with a layer of security protection and minimizes the risk of cyber threats. In return, customers will feel more secure using your services which increases your business revenue.

Service plans include: monthly monitoring and review of your website, testing and fixing all broken links, fixing broken images and/or web pages, and checking for software upates to reduce website downtime due to software and external viruses.

When Is It Time For A Redesign or Refresh?

With technology moving so quickly, even with regular maintenance and brand updates, you will need to refresh or redesign your overall brand and/or website to avoid appearing outdated.

The average time for a refresh is usually every 2-3 years. Some businesses choose to refresh every year. 

A website refresh changes the overall layout and incorporating current visual design trends in the industry, while providing you with a fresh new platform to work with rather than trying to work old into new … which begins to look visually displeasing.

Maintenance Services

keeping your website and content up-to-date

Individualized custom pricing gives you the best value.
Each pricing package is based on your needs, project size and budget.

*Every project is different and requires a consultation to get an accurate price quote.
Package pricing is always a better value. A la carte services are available upon request.


Went from frustrated to VERY HAPPY!
I worked with other designers and they struggled to get my branding and logo design as I envisioned. A client referred me to Hope and I am so thankful. Hope is a great listener, talented designer, detailed, professional, and nailed our logo design! After she designed our awesome logo, we have continued to use her creative talents for our business website design, branding, marketing collateral and maintenance needs.

~ TruWood Builders, Sacramento CA
*Happy Client 5+ Years

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